Volunteer Forms

Letter to Prospective Volunteers-Lancaster City branch
Volunteer Application-Lancaster City branch
Volunteer Application-Leola branch
Volunteer Application-Mountville branch
Request for Criminal Record Check
Child Abuse Clearance Forms
Process for Filing Clearances: The Criminal Clearance form must be submitted and processed first either by paying by credit card online or by mail. Once the processed Criminal Clearance is returned to the applicant, the applicant should:

  • make a copy
  • file the original for future use
  • attach the copy to the completed Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance form
  • mail to the address at the top of this form at the Department of Welfare

Failure to follow the correct procedure will cause unnecessary delays in processing.

Applicants for Criminal Clearances may expedite their record check by applying on line with a credit card. Go to https://epatch.state.pa.us and click on the record check toolbar.