Donor Recognition

Special thanks to the following donors who made contributions in AprilĀ 2016.

* Names in bold denote a gift of $500 or more.

William & Susan Adams
Ms. Greta R. Aul
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Banner
Bear Service LLC
Ms. Susan Benton
Rod and Barbara Bimson
Mrs. Martha K. Bray
Ms. Tracy Broderick
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Byrne
Ms. Karen Choppa
Ms. Margaret B. Chrencik
Ms. Lesley Colabucci
Mr. Thomas Hills Cook
Mr. Ronald Coyle
Ms. A. Patricia Ditzler
Ms. Evalina Dombrowski
Ms. Joann Dumas
Ms. Jill D. Edwards
Mr. Cyril Foray
Ms. Catherine C. Glass
Anne and Don Griswold
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Gulya
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hall
Ms. Jeanette Hebel
Mrs. Delphine Heimer
Mr. Raymond Hernandez
Dan and Caroline Herr
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Herr
Mrs. Kay Homer
Ms. Judith Hoober
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kaliss
Lampeter-Strasburg School District *
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lawrence
Mrs. Phyllis Lazarus
Ms. Katharine M. Leader
Ms. Jenn Leader
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Leinberger
Ms. Linda Lestz
Jennifer Ericson and Tom Malesic
Mr. Wil Martin
Mrs. Marjorie McCarthy
Mrs. Joyce H. McClintock
Mr. Clark McSparren
Ms. Martha McTigue
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Medved
Mr. William A. Mehler Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pike
Community Foundation of Eastern Shore Inc.
Ms. Katharina Eva Possler
Karin and Timothy Rezendes
Mrs. Jen Richard
Ms. Janet Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Roda
Ms. Amy Ruffo
Ms. Kendra J. Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Schnee
Ms. Elizabeth A. Schott
Ernest J. and Jo-Ann Greene Schreiber
Ms. Heather Sharpe
Mrs. Katherine R. Shope
Ms. Kim Showalter
Upper Leacock Township *
Mr. Freiman Stoltzfus
Mr. Roger Thompson
Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson
Mr. Gerald Wagner
Michael and Susan Weed