Donor Recognition

Special thanks to the following donors who made contributions in AprilĀ 2015.

Ms. Mary Anater
Timothy and Robin Ardinger
Mr. Richard Atherley
Dr. and Mrs. Louis L. Athey
Ms. Greta R. Aul
Vincent and Eleanor Avallone Jr.
Gary and Dawn Beitzel
Mr. Greg Bell
Ms. Kendra Boersen
Ms. Amanda Boyd
Stacy and Stewart Bradley
Mrs. Martha K. Bray
Bob and Louise Brewer
Ms. Tracy Broderick
Mrs. Pamela Budesheim
Ms. Sarah C. Bullock
Ms. Judy Carter
Ms. Karen Choppa
Ms. Margaret B. Chrencik
Peter and Millicent Christie
Michael and Judy Chuhran
Ms. Lesley Colabucci
Mr. Noel Connaughton
Mr. Thomas Hills Cook
Mr. Ronald Coyle
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Creme Jr.
Manor Ridge Lions Club
Mr. Frederick Deisley
Ms. A. Patricia Ditzler
Ms. Evalina Dombrowski
Mr. James J. Dougherty
Ms. Joann Dumas
Meridee and John Duplissey
Ms. Jill D. Edwards
Ms. Nina C. Eshleman
Ms. Sarah Farbo
Mrs. Karen Haley Field
Friends of the Mountville Branch Library
Edward and Sarah A. Flick
Ms. Emma Frawley
Ms. Dolores Garrett
Mrs. Mary Ann Gerber
Ms. Catherine C. Glass
Mr. Alan Glazer
Ms. Lupe Gonzalez
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gottlieb
Mr. Robert F. Groff Jr.
Ms. Jane Grushow
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Gulya
Mrs. Marjorie G. Hazeltine-Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hazen
Ms. Jeanette Hebel
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Heimer
Janice and Kevin Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Herr
Dan and Caroline Herr
Ms. D. Herren
Mrs. Kay Homer
Mr. and Mrs. James Humphreville
Ms. Jacquelyn Johns
Ms. Jacquelyn Johns
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kaliss
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kellner
Mr. David Knapp
Ann and Robert Krissinger
Ms. Audrey Krupa and Mr. Tim Douglas
Ms. Barbara J. Laird
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lawrence
Mrs. Phyllis Lazarus
Ms. Jenn Leader
Ms. Katharine M. Leader
Ms. Linda Lestz
Ms. Lilykate W. Light
Judith and Paul Lintner
Christine Longenecker and Rick Shoup
Mrs. Evelyn Lyons
Mr. Margaret MacFarlane
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Mack
Ms. Michelle Marmo
Ms. Jessica Martin
Ms. Linda Martin
Mrs. Marjorie McCarthy
Mr. James McFarland
Ms. Martha McTigue
Ms. Anne Meachem
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Medved
Mr. and Mrs. George Meissner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Milner
Mountville Welfare Association
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ottinger, Jr.
David Peck and Cordelia Moyse
Ms. Vicki Petersen
Ms. Kathleen Argires Pianka
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pike
Mrs. Pauline M. Pittenger
Community Foundation of Eastern Shore Inc.
Ms. Katharina Eva Possler
Ms. Joan Reid
Karin and Timothy Rezendes
Ms. Jami Rhynes
Mrs. Jen Richard
Dr. Paul H. Ripple
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Roda
Ms. Marilyn E. Rowan
Ms. Joyce Sands
Ms. Kendra J. Saunders
Mr. Charles Sawicki
Ms. Lauren Schaller
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Schnee
School District Of Lancaster
Ms. Elizabeth A. Schott
Sylvia and Bruce Schwalm
Mr. Joshua Schwartz
Jean and Nicholas Selch
Ms. Kim Showalter
Ms. Annamary Sikorsky
Lancaster Salvage Company
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Sponaugle
Mr. Stanley J. Szalak
Sue and Alan Tobie
Mr. William H. Tonkin
Upper Leacock Township
Ms. Erma Weaver
Michael and Susan Weed
Timothy and Holly White
Mr. and Mrs. William Whitesell
Jennifer and Thomas Wiggin
Mrs. Beth Winter-McGarry
Mr. Elijah Yearick
Laura Hatton and Todd Zimmerman