Donor Recognition

Special thanks to the following donors who made contributions in March 2016.

Apple Benevity
Sandy Asher
Ashland Foundation
Vincent and Eleanor Avallone Jr.
Ms. Mary Ellen Bachman
Ms. Barb Balmer
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Barton
Gary and Dawn Beitzel
Arthur and Jean Bernd
Ms. Jean Geary Boal and Ms. Cynthia J. Davis
Trindle Spring Lutheran Church – Chancel Choir
Lee and Deborah Bradley
Mrs. Mary Lou Broucht
Ms. Sarah C. Bullock
Central Penn Nursing Care, Inc.
Mr. Joseph L. Cohen
Mr. Ronald Coyle
M&T Bank
Donald and Jane Dellinger
Mr. Donald Dempster
Mr. and Mrs. David Dumeyer
Ms. Jane Dutton
Ms. Nina C. Eshleman
Mrs. Karen Haley Field
Renee B. Fisher Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Susan Franz
Adrienne and Amir Friedman
Ms. Dolores Garrett
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gottlieb
Mr. Robert F. Groff Jr.
Ms. Jane Grushow
Ms. Mary E. Haddon
Ms. Dawn Harmon
Edward A. Hauck and Stefanie B. Valar
Darlene and Allen Hein
Ms. Carol Heintzelman
Mrs. Kay Homer
Mr. and Mrs. James Humphreville
Ms. Jacquelyn Johns
Ms. Jacquelyn Johns
Martin and Carol Kapell
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Keen
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Keen
Ms. Kristina Kenna
Ms. Jocelyn S. Kline
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knoll
Ann and Robert Krissinger
Ms. Audrey Krupa
Mrs. Evelyn Lyons
Ms. Kimberly Mahaffy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Maher
Mrs. Josephine A. Marks
James S. Martin MD Trust
Ms. Susan M. Martin
Ms. Jodi Martz
Mr. and Mrs. Henry McKonly
Ms. Martha McTigue
Mr. and Mrs. George Meissner
Kenneth and Nancy Morgan
Mountville Welfare Association
Mr. Wayne Murphy
Kathy and Rodney Myers
Mrs. Pamela R. Neville
Ms. Susan Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ottinger, Jr.
Ms. Beverly A. Palm
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Phillips
Valerie and Vic Poirier
Mrs. Betty M. Randolph
Ms. Susan Rineer
Ms. Janet Robinson
Harriet and George Rosenstein
Mrs. Nancy M. Rote
Ms. Amy Ruffo
Sylvia and Bruce Schwalm
Jean and Nicholas Selch
Ms. Kim Showalter
Scott A. Smith and Beverly A. Achey
Ms. Sharon Stoner
Ms. Jane F. Strassle
Ms. Margaret Tassia
Sue and Alan Tobie
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ulaky
Upper Leacock Township
Ms. Charlyne Vallen
Mary and Boyer Veitch
Weber Advertising
Richard and Eleanor Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. William Whitesell
Mrs. Sally B. Wiker
Carolyn and Claude Yoder