Donor Recognition

Special thanks to the following donors who made contributions in AugustĀ 2015.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ackiewicz
American Library Association
Art Class of Lancaster
Bertz Hess & Co., LLP
Lee and Deborah Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. C. Alan Bruns
Mr. Jon H. Buesking
Certified Carpet
Mr. and Mrs. Merrell Clark
Ms. Helen Comins
Mr. Albert Comly
Ms. Holly Conley
Jerry and Susan Eckert
Wayne and Deborah Geltz
Gross Investments
Annalisa Crannell and Neil Gussman
Janice and Kevin Henry
Dan and Caroline Herr
Mrs. Kay Homer
Jacob and Sandra Hoover
Ms. Shirley Jones
Martin and Carol Kapell
Koenig Family Charitable Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation
David and Louise Mark
Ms. Susan Mast
Ms. Martha McTigue
Ms. Joyce H. Miller
Mrs. Mary L. Milligan
Ms. Susan Patzer
Ms. Susan Patzer
Reynolds Asset Management Services, Inc.
Ms. Janet Robinson
Rotary Club of Lancaster Penn Square
Jean and Nicholas Selch
Linda and Rick Sheetz
Ms. Kim Showalter
John and Deborah Siegrist
Ms. Linda Simpson
Robert and Deborah Smith
Mrs. Marian B. Snavely
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Spiegel
Ms. Deborah L. Steinman
Noreene and Mike Sweeney
Upper Leacock Township
Way Delivery Services
Weber Advertising
Ms. Holly Williams
Bruce and Barbara Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Wittel
Ms. Abby Wood