Donor Recognition

Special thanks to the following donors who made contributions in November 2014.

Frank and Margery Abel
Ms. Eleanor K. Achtermann
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Allen
Karen and Robert Ambacher
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Andrusisin
Appel & Yost LLP
Mrs. Naomi A. Baker
Bard’s Hardware
Mrs. Margaret Bates
Ms. Anita Beidler
Ms. Elizabeth D. Benton
Ms. Anne Bequest
Ms. Barbara L. Bimson
Ms. Linda Boring
Mrs. Kathy Boyce
Mr. Frank Boyer
Mr. Wallace Broucht
Ms. Helen Brubaker
Mr. Barry Bryson
Ms. Sarah C. Bullock
Mrs. Kay Burrichter
Ms. Kathleen L. Butz
Ms. Virginia Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Caterbone
Ms. Barbara Coker
Compass Network Group
Marge and Russ Cory
Wayne and Deborah Crow
Mrs. Marjorie Crystle
Mr. Steve Deck
Ronald and Carol Decker
Ms. Michelle Dorsey
Mr. and Mrs. David Dumeyer
Ms. Sharon Ebersole
Mr. David Edgecombe
Mr. John Ericson
Mr. Joseph P. Feifer
Ms. Amanda Fowler and Mr. Bill Fife
Renee B. Fisher Foundation, Inc.
Mr. J. Michael Flanagan
Forest Path Foundation
Mr. James E. Fox
Adrienne and Amir Friedman
Ms. Patricia S. Fry
Mr. Michael Galluppi
Garden Spot Post 1690 VFW Inc.
Ms. Linda Gaston
Drs. Paul Casale and Alexandra Gibas
Ms. Marilyn J. Gosnell
Groft Financial Services
Ms. Pamela Grosh
Mr. Timothy Grotzinger
Friends of the Mountville Area Library
Kathleen O’Hara and David Hendel
Terryl L. Henry
Mr. Lehman Herchelroth
Mr. Raymond Hernandez
Ms. Carol Hohman
Mrs. Kay Homer
Mr. Jacob T. Hoover Jr.
Ms. Claudia Hostetter
Mrs. Elaine Johnson
Mr. David Jones
Mrs. Christine Judith
Ms. Elizabeth Kamp
Ms. Cassandra Karamanos
George and Muriel Kennett
Mr. Timothy King
Ms. Ann King-Grosh
Michael and Dolores Klemer
Dale and Melissa Kreider
Mrs. Rose Ellen Lahouchuc
Lancaster Salvage Company
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Larkin
Ms. Cheryl M. Laub
Debra and Cory Lawrence
Ms. Katharine M. Leader
Mark and Diane Leonard
Ms. Linda Lestz
Ms. Susan Liss
Ms. Christine Lutz
Mrs. Evelyn Lyons
Manheim, Inc.
Manor Ridge Lions Club
Mrs. Josephine A. Marks
Ms. Jill Martin
Ms. Susan M. Martin
Ms. Barb Mavraganis
Mr. Robert Meck
Brett and Jen Miller
Ms. Ann Moore
Mountville Welfare Association
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Mundy
Mrs. Jean Musser
Mr. Phillipp Muth
Ms. Ruth Neuman
Mr. John F. O’Donnell
Ms. Laura Sadler Olin
Susan Ottenheimer and Clint Keller
Wayne and Dolores Parsil
Ms. Susan Patzer
Mrs. Pauline M. Pittenger
PPL Electric Utilities Corp.
Ms. Abby Rankin
Ms. Sheila Raymond
Ms. Sara Ream
Mr. Patrick M. Reynolds
Donald and Evelyn Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. George Robinson
Ms. Janet Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Rote
Mr. Jay Royer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Russo
Ms. Phyllis Scheffman
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Schnee
Hans and Fran Scholl
Mr. Karl Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shaughnessy
Derik and Erin Shelor
Ms. Martine Shendge
Mrs. Katherine R. Shope
Ms. Sarah Short
Ms. Kim Showalter
John and Deborah Siegrist
Mr. and Mrs. R Stanley Smith
Mrs. Jean M. Smith
Dennis and Ruthann M. Snyder
Ms. Jill Snyder
Social Labor Organization of The Hubley
Ron and Cathy Sorg
Speechcare, Inc.
Pure Energy Coach, LLC
Mrs. Kendall Stonerook
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stroud
Ms. Diane Styer
Noreene and Mike Sweeney
Ms. Margaret Tassia
Mr. and Mrs. William Theros
UGI Utilities, Inc.
Mr. Harold D. Ulmer
Mr. and Mrs. Glen VanDerSchaaf
Mrs. Mary C. Veitch
Ms. Thelma Vottero
Chris and Jennifer Walker
Marjorie and Chuck Walker
Mr. Brian Wallace
Ms. Helen J. Weaver
Ms. Jean Kirk Weglarz
Weis Markets Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Weiss
Ms. Teresa A. Weisser
Mrs. Anna Mary Wilkinson
Harold E. and Ann Marie Witmer
Mary and Martin Woodeshick
Mr. Paul Yatabe
Carolyn and Claude Yoder
Ms. Mary Yohe
Robert and Stacey G. Youcis
Mr. John G. Younker
Mrs. Jean Zimmerman
Mr. Amos G. Zook