Donor Recognition

Special thanks to the following donors who made contributions in July 2014.

Mr. Ismael Alvarez
Anna Sparks Bequest
Mr. Harold Bailey
Ms. Gina P. Baron
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Beeman
Mrs. Madeleine Beezer
Mrs. Martha K. Bray
Clark Family Foundation
Robert and Lynn Davis
Ronald and Carol Decker
Ms. Joan Detz
Eighth Ward Beneficial Assoc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Feister
Mr. Cyril Foray
Jeff and Cynthia Forster
Fulton Bank
Ms. Gaile L. Gehman
Ms. Lupe Gonzalez
Ms. Marilyn J. Gosnell
Bentley Lane Book Club
Mr. Gary Greenslade
Friends of the Mountville Area Library
Dan and Caroline Herr
Mr. Thomas Hinkle
Mr. Frank Hollingsworth
Mrs. Kay Homer
Ms. Eileen Howells
Mrs. Rose Ellen Lahouchuc
Lancaster Moose Lodge #299 SGOC
Ms. Joan Lewis
Ms. Joyce Ludwig
Rotary Club Of Lancaster Penn Square
Mr. and Mrs. Clark McSparren
Ms. Margaret Moore
Dr. and Mrs. J. William Parke
Mr. James Quinn
Mrs. Betty M. Randolph
Mr. Matthew Reiprich
Ms. Barbara Ritter
Harriet P. Robbins
Ms. Janet Robinson
Mr. Erik Sampson
Ms. Sandra Beasley and Mr. Ron Schoeffler
Mrs. Nancy Sinclair
Mr. Thomas A. Stahl
Vicky and Streeter Stuart
Mr. Kenneth Taylor
Bareville-Leola-Leacock Lions Club, Inc.
Ms. Charlyne Vallen
Marjorie and Chuck Walker
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Walker
Ms. Mary T. Webb
Todd and Lora Wenger
Ms. Charlotte Whiting
Ms. Ava Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Williams
Ms. Linda Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Wittel
Robert and Stacey G. Youcis