Donor Recognition

Special thanks to the following donors who made contributions in June 2015.

Herbert and Victoria Abramson
Robert and Mary Anne Aichele
Dr. and Mrs. John Ambler
Mr. Scott Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Louis L. Athey
Mr. Byron Babcock
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Bailey
Ms. Robin S. Baldwin
Shyam S. Balepur
Mr. Robert H. Barton
Mrs. Margaret Bates
Ms. Mary Baumgardner
Mr. Norman J. Bell
Mr. Maurice Benner
Ms. Jacqueline Bilder
Ms. Helen Bingaman
Ms. Nancy R. Blechschmidt
Ms. Georgie Blymier-Heisey
Kyki Bobotas
Mr. Walter Bohrn
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bornstein
Mr. Frank Boyer
Ms. Frances Brandl
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Branstetter
Ms. P.K. Breneman
Mrs. Mary Lou Broucht
Timothy and Louise Brown
Mrs. Margaret B. Brown
Ms. Helen Brubaker
Mrs. Margot Brubaker
Ms. Susan E. Bruggeman
Mr. Barry Bryson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bugel
Mrs. Rebecca S. Bumsted
Anne and Dave Bushnell
Mr. Irving B. Callman
Ms. Virginia Carroll
Ms. Virginia Carroll
Dr. Maria G. Cattell
Mr. Gregory Chin
Michael and Judy Chuhran
Clark Family Foundation
Mr. James Clarkin
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Collier
Mr. Francis J. Collmer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Coon
Mrs. Patricia Cornette
Mrs. Margaret Cory
Mr. Gordon H. Danielson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert DeRenzis
Ms. Elyse M. Dickert
Ms. Melody Dings
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Doerschuk
Ms. Michelle Dorsey
Judy and Donald Durand
Mr. and Mrs. G. Yale Eastman
Ms. Brenda Ebersole
Mrs. Helen T. Emmitt
Mr. John Ericson
Mr. Sheldon Esch
Ms. Glenna Eshleman
Mr. and Mrs. George Ewing Jr.
Ms. Maureen Feller
Ms. Amanda Fowler and Mr. Bill Fife
Mrs. Carlotta Filarowitz
Ms. Miriam Fletcher
Daniel and Michelle Fletcher
Ms. Lorraine Ford
Barbara and Jim Frederick
Mr. and Mrs. Adam K. Gehr
Tom and Valerie Gemmill Jr.
Ms. Lorraine Gernert
Ms. Cynthia Gibson
Mr. Ely Gonick
Ms. Joyce Good
Mr. and Mrs. David Good
Stephanie and Dave Gordon
Joseph and Kathleen Gormish
Ms. Marilyn J. Gosnell
John and Louise Graham
John and Carol Graham
Mr. Gary Greenslade
Mr. James G. Greiner
Ms. Tammi Grow
Ms. Joyce Gunzenhauser
Wayne and Frances Gunzenhauser
Donald and Carol Hallman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harnly
Mrs. Marjorie G. Hazeltine-Wolfe
Ms. Joan Heagy
Ms. Carol Heintzelman
Ms. Kathryn Heinzel
Kathleen O’Hara and David Hendel
Ms. Pamela R. Hershey
Silvia and Scott Hess
Mrs. Richard Farmer Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hinkle
Gary and Carol Hobday
Mr.and Mrs. Paul Hoffer
Mr. William N. Hoffman
Mr. Stephen T. Hohenwarter C.P.A.
Mrs. Kay Homer
Mr. Robert Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. James Humphreville
Mrs. Sally Jarvis
Ms. Tanya Johnson
Robert and Carol Johnson
Mrs. Dawn K. Johnston
David and Nicole Julian
Miss Barbara J. Kauffman
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Keays
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Keen
Mrs. Carol C. Kelsall
Mrs. Dianne L. Kindrew
Ms. Joyce King
Jeff and Tracy Kirchner
Mr. Stephen A. Kirsch
Michael and Dolores Klemer
Francis and Kathryn Kostrub
Dale and Melissa Kreider
Robert R. Gepert and Anne Labat-Gepert
Ms. Cindy Labezius
Mrs. Elva Lackey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ladlow
Ms. Jeanette Landis
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Larkin
Ms. Elizabeth Lavender
D.S. Eberly and P.J. Lazos
Ms. Judith Buch Leauby
Ms. Jill Leayman
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Lentz
Mrs. Johanna Lever
“PPL Electric Utilities Corp.
ATTN Mr. John Levitski”
Jerry and Tracy Lind
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Little
Miss Mary Elizabeth Little
Mr. Charles Longenecker
Ms. Joyce Ludwig
Mrs. Evelyn Lyons
Ms. Kimberly Mahaffy
Jim and Beth Malkowski
Mrs. Josephine A. Marks
Patty and Bill Martens
Ms. Susan M. Martin
Ms. Janice Martin
Ms. Evelyn Martin
Ms. Dianna Martin
Mr. John Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. George May
Mr. and Mrs. George May
Mr. William McCann
Ms. P. Norma McCann
Mrs. Marjorie McCarthy
Mrs. Joyce H. McClintock
Ms. Julia M. McCourt
Mrs. Lee A. McKowen
Mrs. Ann L. McMullen
Mr. Robert Meck
Mr. Barry Meckley
Nancy and Guy Mehl
Brett and Jen Miller
Mrs. Peggie Lauber Miller
Ms. Ann Miller
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC
Kim Morrow and Lester H. Kauffman
Ms. Margaret S. Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Mueller Jr.
Ms. Justine Mulay
Mr. Joel Marc Mumma
Mr. Phillipp Muth
Ms. Ruth Neuman
Mr. Larry W. Newswanger
Dr. and Mrs. J. William Parke
Wayne and Dolores Parsil
Jack and Risa Paskoff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Pebly
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pike
Ms. Claudia C. Preston
Mrs. John Pyott
Ms. Carolyn Ranck
Willis Ratzlaff and Genevieve Tvrdik
Samuel and Linda Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Riebel
Craig and Diane Roda
Mr. Ronald Rodgers
Dr. Michael A. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. John Roscoe
Jay and Linda Royer
Mr. Scott Royer
Mrs. Abby H. Rudisill
Mr. Gary Sample
Ms. Gail Sanderson
Ms. Martha Sangree
Mr. Charles Sawicki
Ms. Martha Schlossman
Mrs. Edna Mae Schmid
Mr. Robert C. Schober
Ms. Donna Schoenberger
Barley Snyder LLC
Mr. Robert R. Seidel
Mrs. Laura Shaida
Ms. Esther H. Shaubach
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shaughnessy
Derik and Erin Shelor
Mr. and Mrs. John Shenk
Willis and Elsie Shenk Foundation
Ms. Kim Showalter
Ms. Sharon Shuman
Mr. Robert Siever
Ms. Deborah Sigel
Mrs. Ann Silverstein
Ms. Rebecca Snavely
Anna Sparks Bequest
Ms. Janelle Stelson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stewart
Ms. Linda Stoots
Mr. Tim Stuhldreher
Ms. Kelly Sumpter
Mr. Stanley J. Szalak
Anna and Roger Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Todd
Tradewinds Management Ltd
Upper Leacock Township
Ms. Charlyne Vallen
Ms. Thelma Vottero
Mrs. Catherine E. Walker
Mr. Bruce H. Walton
Mr. Neil Ward
Mr. Donald M. Weber
Weber Advertising
Ms. Mary Wheeler
Ms. Charlotte Whiting
Mr. Lutz Wiessner
Mrs. Anna Mary Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Wilson
Ms. Cathy Wood
Mr. James F. Young
Frances and Donald Young
Mr. John G. Younker
Ms. Martha Zepp
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Zimmer
Ms. Gaynell Zimmerman
Robert and Barb Zook