Donor Recognition

Special thanks to the following donors who made contributions in October 2014.

Dr. and Mrs. John Ambler
Mr. Scott Anderson
Vincent and Eleanor Avallone Jr.
Mr. Stewart Axtell
Ms. Diana D. Baker
Shyam S. Balepur
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Balogh
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Banner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barlas
Ms. Barbara Baylor
James R. and Linda J. Bear
Ms. Barbara Betts
Mr. Walter Bohrn
John and Theresa Bond and Family
Ms. Frances Brandl
Mrs. Martha K. Bray
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Brooks
Ms. Julie Brown
Ms. Susan E. Bruggeman
Anne and Dave Bushnell
Ms. Janice M. Cantrell
John and Melissa Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Cassidy
Character’s Pub
Ms. Kay Charles
Ms. Margaret B. Chrencik
Mr. James Clarkin
Ms. Lesley Colabucci
Mr. Thomas Hills Cook
Marge and Russ Cory
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cross
Ms. Melody Dillman
Ms. Marie Ditmore
Dixon Golf, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Doerschuk
Judy and Donald Durand
Mr. Matthew Dyer
E. Ann Klein Charitable Trust
Ms. Brenda Ebersole
Ms. Nina C. Eshleman
Ms. Katie Fichtner
Fran and Marty Firestone
Dick and Sandy Fluck
Adrienne and Amir Friedman
Ms. R. Colleen Fry
Mr. David A. Gerber
Mrs. Ginny Gibble
James and Betty Ann Godshalk
Mrs. Andree Goldman
Mrs. Andree Goldman
Mrs. Ruth Greenawalt
Mr. Gary Greenslade
Mr. James G. Greiner
Mrs. Debbie Groleau
Ms. Janine Guinter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harnly
Ms. Jeanette Hebel
Ms. Kathryn Heinzel
Dr. Diane Heisterkamp
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Herr
Ms. Alma Hershey
Ms. Patricia Hertzler
Mrs. Richard Farmer Hess
Ms. Eileen Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Higgins
Mr. Anthony Hightower
Mr.and Mrs. Paul Hoffer
Mrs. Norma C. Hollinger
Mrs. Kay Homer
Mrs. Gladys Horst
Mr. and Mrs. James Humphreville
Ms. Phyllis Jackson
Mrs. Sally Jarvis
Ms. Beulah G. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Keen
Mrs. Carol C. Kelsall
Mr. George W. Kemp, Jr.
James P. and Karen A. Kendig
Jeff and Tracy Kirchner
Mr. Stephen A. Kirsch
Mr. and Mrs. John Kondravy
Mr. Adam T. Krouse
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ladlow
Ms. Jill Leayman
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Lentz
Mrs. Johanna Lever
Jerry and Tracy Lind
Mr. Joseph W. Lowenthal
The Ashland Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Maher
Jim and Beth Malkowski
Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company
Mr. William Martens
Frederick and Ruth Martin
Mr. Daniel T. Massey
Dr. Stacey L. Mazzacco
Ms. Margaret McCandless
Mr. William McCann
Ms. Julia M. McCourt
Mr. and Mrs. George Meissner
Miller Family
Brett and Jen Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Milner
Ms. Kristin Moritz
Kim Morrow and Lester H. Kauffman
Mr. Richard Moss
Mr. Joel Marc Mumma
Mrs. Susan W. Myers
Ms. Eleni Nicozisis
Ms. Mary Kathryn Noll
Ms. Sandra Pickering
Mrs. John Pyott
Ms. Judi Ralph
Doug and Sharon Rambler
Ms. Mary Ellen Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Riebel
Ms. Janet Robinson
Mrs. Melina Roda
Ms. Elizabeth Rogers
Ms. Pauline Ross
Mrs. Abby Rudisill
Mr. Michael Schaller
Ms. Martha Schlossman
Mrs. Jean Selch
Mr. Rupert M. Sheldon
Ms. Kim Showalter
Ms. Karen Shreiner
Mr. Robert Siever
Mr. Charlie Sloden
Ms. Jill Smith
Mr. Kearney Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Spiegel
St. Philip’s Choir
Dr. Robert C. Steinman
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Stoltzfus
Ms. Kelly Sumpter
Ms. Darlene Tamanini
Ms. Jennifer Teale
Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Todd
Mr. Wayne Trotta
Upper Leacock Township
Warfel Construction Company
Mr. Donald M. Weber
Ms. Christina L. Weicksel
Ms. Mary Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wilcox
Ms. Linda Wilson
Ms. Judith Wimmer
Mr. and Mrs. George Xakellis
Mr. Joseph Yanchuck
Daryl and Marlisa Yoder-Bontrager
Mark E. Yoh and Brenda Hutchins-Yoh
Robert and Stacey G. Youcis
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Zimmer
Robert and Barb Zook