Donor Recognition

Special thanks to the following donors who made contributions in January 2014.

Anvil International , Inc.
Richard and Claire Ashby
Ms. Ann Barshinger
Mrs. Pamela Budesheim
Forest Path Foundation
Jeff and Peggy Frey
Friends of the Mountville Area Library
Ms. Georgie Heisey
Mrs. Kay Homer
Mrs. Frances Hopkins
Keith and Barbara Horst
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kalata
Ms. Kristina Kenna
Robert R. Gepert and Anne Labat-Gepert
Ms. Katharine M. Leader
Ms. Joanne R. McIntyre
Fulton Theater
Karl and Carolyn Moyer
Mr. Charles Peterson
Rap Stitchers
Ms. Janet Robinson
Mrs. Ruth Roye
Ms. Virginia Schuette
Ms. Kim Showalter
Nathan and Pilar Sieber
Stoner Incorporated
Mrs. Faye H. Ziegler