Scholastic Writing Contest

Gold Key Winners

First Name Last Name Work Title
Dejanelle Abel Tragedy Makes You Stronger
James Bausano Clear Skies
Robert Beard Final Stop Hotel
Jocelyn Bechbill The Clockwork House
Hannah Biles Aussie Feathers A Collection of Poems about Australian Birds
Caleb Bornman The True Face of Fracking
Tessa Brandsema Cleopatra; Nogitsune; Up In Smoke
Tessa Brandsema Blackheart; Hydra; Youth
Alena Clatterbuck The Power of a United Community
Gabrielle Claus Musicians are Scientific
Rachel Collison Shadows
Remi Crist Marlie
Noah Cunningham My Family of Fifty Plus
Lara Dailey I’m Convinced my Bus Driver is Lady Gaga
Keiley Devine Our Fallen Angel
Syd Dundon A Lesson in the Mechanics of Self Control
Lindsey Durkota I Should’ve Known
Ruth Eckman Honey Tears
Ashlee Evans Me, My Friend, And I
Hailey Fafel Run, Little One and Dreams
Megan Fletcher A Queer Issue
Michael Flynn First Degree
Zacharie Gerard Etheren’s Stone
Dirk Gillespie One Day for Eternity
Katherine Gish Bookish
Dana Greener 007½
Emelyn Hatch House
Kevin Helock Mist
Jadyn Hess All That Matters
Kimberly Horst There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: Johnny Marr 2014
Drake Jacobs An Unforeseen Dichotomy
Evan Jacobs The Toughest Creature on Earth
Lucas Jemison Kin
Rachel Johnson Elaina and the Elephant
Lauren Katch The Vase Of Blue Flowers
Cameron Krulewski Three Hearts
Elizabeth Levy The Girl With The “Not So Weird” Sister
Morgan Lewin The Secret Notes
John Lindsey The Trolls Under Forth Bridge
Talitha Long Recued by the River
Dylan Luong Writing
Oluwafeyikemi Makinde 11 more
Elizabeth McIlhenney Remembrance
Anna Mills Starless Nights
Anna Mills Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog’s Tails
Maggie Moss Dear Denice
Sophie Mumma Misty’s Chesapeake Bay
Alex Myers Lititz & Patriotism
Tara Neikirk Gone But Still Here
Erika Otthofer Darkness Into Light
Aliya Rajnic Painting the Sky
Annee Reach The Word
Veronica Ringlein The Claw
Maegan Seaman The Misfits
James Sheetz The Hunt, The Moment of Truth, A Hunting Journey
Christian Sherpperson Iron Man
Jillian Smith Shadows
Emma Spearing The Moment
Alexander Stetser The Stream
Alexander Stetser Warszaswa
Christian Strother Quiet Forests
Lauren Swope The Sixth Grader’s Guide to Surviving Middle School
Josephine Szczyrbak What’s in the Basement?
Dana Taylor Deep Breath, Then Hello
Mazzilyn Titter The Haunted Mansion
Kylie Troyer The Mark Of Magic
Aliya Trussell Penpoint
Julinette Vazquez Unburdening My Life
Marielle Wanner I Will Remain
Ava Warfel Confessions of the Man of Darkness
Katherine Weaver Angular Girl; Dorian Gray; Stop-Motion
Katherine Weaver Deus ex Machina
Noah Webbere A Friend Lost
Philip Wenger Shame
Joseph Gunnar Wentling A Life Spent Waiting For Death
Julianna Whitsel Lucid Extreme
Regan Wilton The Waterfall
Delaney Wnek Thunderstorm, Wind, The Enchanted
Carly Wood The Enemy
Katie Yoder A Whole Lot of Love
Elizabeth Yurchak War
Ryan Zhang Applications of Nanotechnology to Modern Medicine

Silver Key Winners

First Name Last Name Work Title
Reagan Ansel The Mature Earth Theory
Nishant Balepur The Barren Wasteland
Miranda Barrick Food World
Sophia Battisti Battle Scars
James Bausano Love at First Sight
Natalie Belousov The Man with No Face
Natalie Belousov All Things Come to Pass
Natalie Belousov So Pale the Lonely Moon
BreeAnn Benfer Sister’s
Alison Bisbing Patience
Tessa Brandsema August; Butterfly; Unattended Luggage
Tessa Brandsema Frostbite
Emily Bromirski Once In A Lifetime
Linnae Budusky The Prayer Doll
Abby Burdyn The Path to a Friend
Julia Campbell 9 Mile
Alexandra Carpenter On Being a Writer
Aby Chase Ebony Black
Gabrielle Claus The Flash of Fire; I Hear the Raindrops Playing
Evan Crawford Firefighters
Gabriel Crouch Nostalgia
Lara Dailey The Key
Jenna Danielson The Water Lily, As I Lay in a Field, Delicate Flower
Isabella Dicamillo Gone
Rylee Diffenderfer Remembering Poppy
Kayla Dombach Friendship in a Bottle and Stardust
Julia Downs Floating, Family, and FIsh
Alexandra Drake Her Name Was Anxiety.
Madeline Early A Poem For Him, A Poem For Her, A Poem For Us
Ruth Eckman Poetry Collection
Ethan Emmert The Tomato Sandwich
Grace Erk Society Without a Song
Abby Fatta I Am
Bridget Fertal The Picture
Bridget Fertal The Boardwalk
Bridget Fertal Bridges to the Moon
Mattie Finkle It Just Had to be a Plane
Wyatt Fisher Bagel
Danny Foltz DAY 365
Gabriel Fonticoba The Lonely Tree, Snow, Christmas Eve
Bella Forgione The New Edition
Alaina Fry Relative Importance
Cordell Gingrich The Hunt
Dana Greener Rogue Footage
Sanela Gunic The Window Pain
Sana Hafiz Economical and Essential Energy
Katherine Hammond Hamartia
Katherine Hammond Preposterousness
Steven Hansen A Family Divided
Emelyn Hatch Her Anatomy; Found; i did not fall in love–
Emelyn Hatch Adoluminescence; hourglass; a quickening; the important thing is this
Emelyn Hatch Lyle’s Novel
Julia Hatzivasilis The Haunted Halloween
Alison Heckman The Mirror
Sarah Heise Exposing Hypocrisy
Hope Hensgen Dinner In October, 2010
Frankky Hightower The Woman
Justin Ho Time Flies
James Huber The Longest Mile
Zelie Hummer The Mountain
Christopher Hyrb Space, I am a Swiss Army Knife, The City
Kaitlyn Jacobs Gemma the Great
Orion Jones A Walk in the Snow
Nicole Katelan Elements of Cancer
Chase Kinsey Rumor Has It
Ethan Kline Lullaby
Marissa Kopp All of the Sinners
Marissa Kopp Hope
Marissa Kopp The Old Oak Tree, Mother Nature, The Sound of Running Away, Here, Ode to the Pen
Meghan Kosmela My Escape
Cameron Krulewski A Gargoyle
Cameron Krulewski Home?
Cameron Krulewski Fire
Campbell Krulewski The Battle
Ashley Lie-Atjam Stranded
Daniel Little The Good Servant
Jaden Lopez It Brought Me Back
Ally Ludwig Poisoned Ivy
Cara Mahoney The Girl Who Did the Impossible
Oluwafeyikemi Makinde Against Sexuality
Tommy Mann A Perfect Day for Hunting
Marissa Martin Choose Wisely
Julia Mason When the Dust Cleared
Connor Mayers Abduction
Alyssa Miller Reflection
Ethan Miller The Miserable Problems of Mr. Bear
Anna Mills The Game Plan
Anna Mills Big Red
Anna Mills Big, Little Sister
Heather Mitchell Death, Pain and Punishment
Maggie Moss The Whispering Wall
Maggie Moss Nongmin
Courtney Myer Hospital Bed
Tatyana Opalko The Changers, Blossom Age, Marigold Girl (A Cat), Iridescence
Cassandra Peris The Super Spring Soccer Tournament
Esther Plotnick Andy’s Home!
Jennifer Ra The Smart Pill: An Advantage or Disadvantage?
Jennifer Ra Finding the Rhythm
Marissa Rabold Blank Page
Annee Reach Alum, Salt and Vinegar; After Nowhere
Justin Rittenhouse The Invention of the Snowboard
Sarah Ruth Happiness
Katherine Sahd Ticket To Ride, But I’m Really Scared
Abigail Schwalm A Tribute to Venezuela
Adam Schwartz A Memorable Ride
Charlotte Scott Final Frontier
Benjamin Shaffer The Banner, The Canvas of the Free, Shots of Freedom
Ian Shirk Clockwork
Jasmine Shorter Happy Birthday
Sam Shuba The Plague of Thanatos
Lily Snyder Six Impossible Things: A Followup Scene to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland
Alison Stauffer A Portal to my Heart
Alexis Stengel Downfall
Alexander Stetser Akshat’s Exodus
Lauren Swope Black and White
Alexis Sydorko Turning Page
Dana Taylor Monsters
Dana Taylor Angels Unaware
Marielle Wanner The Radiance That Persists
Katherine Weaver Triduum
Katherine Weaver Charlie Chaplin; What She Became
Caroline Weiss Let Failure Be Your Friend
Caroline Weiss She Gives Me Hope
Olivia Weiss Thankful
Rosie Westgate Back To the Beginning
Victoria Willis The Ghost of Gold
Sarah Wolfe My Job
William Yaeger Celiac Disease in America
Mathilda Zartman An Unexpected Adventure
Allison Zellers Falling, Falling, Falling
Ben Zook Just Like Father

Honorable Mention

First Name Last Name Work Title
Patrick Ammons Pipeline Problems
Elias Aviles Viagra Ads Force Awkward Explanations
Noah Bamert A Battle of the Mind
Alex Bennett Bad Luck…Curses…Uh Oh!
Gretchen Bertz And I Keep Holding On
Carolyn Bologa Fly and Windshield: Why I Failed to Make a Splash
Matthew Bomberger Words and Pressure
Rebekah Boone Community
Tyler Brooks Dystopia
Madison Brown One Woman World
Emily Bruckner The Experience that Changed my Life
Desire Buch Next Life
Alexandra Carpenter Give Me Peace
Dana Carpenter Baby Swings are for Babies (PERIOD)
Daniel Carr Your Loving Heart
Tessa Carroll Captured
Parker Chadwick A Stranger at my Door
Emily Ciepiela Prisoner Zero
Kayla Clair Save Yourself
Emma Conner My Life, Gymnast of the Sea, Closing
Charlotte Couch The List
Megan Criste Winter
Alexa Cristoaica Natalie’s Gift
Grace Davis Dangers
Grace Davis “Its not that I don’t love you.”
Olivia Davis Lost in Translation
Valentin Donchev Death
Emma Dougherty “Look it’s a girl!”
Bryan Downey The Big Day
Bryan Downey Trip to Buffalo
Maddie Eberly Softball Emotions
Ethan Emmert Whose Fault Is It Anyway
Ethan Emmert Marah
Ethan Emmert The Lesson of the Thanos-copter
Victoria Estrada The Bright’s Future Lost its Light
Hailey Fafel Parallel
Anne Farmer The One Flower
Morgan Firestone Dream Haven
Jackson Fogel Myself/Shouting Quietly
Abigail Francis The Sempiternal War, Numb, Cliff of Life
Jill Gardner Silver Servant
Pauline Good A Candle in the Shadows
Candace Graupera A Brush With Greatness
Tristan Green Game Time
Maiya Groff Klock and Keys
Melissa Grube Dealing with Disaster
Eva Hain The Story of Albinafish and Aelius
Suzanne Hartman Cover Up
Emelyn Hatch Sidewalk Boy; To a runner; blueberries; Twilight
Emelyn Hatch Lost and Found
Emelyn Hatch He asked why she makes so many cookies.
Eric Heilshorn The Centerback
Anna Rose Henderson Beauty
Hope Hensgen Flotsam
Hope Hensgen Anthem
Hope Hensgen Innocent
Hope Hensgen Summer Space
Hope Hensgen Blue
Jake Hess Seven Moons ’till Dooms Day
Rachel Hess Memories
Rachael Hill Echoes of History
Sierra Hogan S.O.M.A.
Erin Holt 5:00 AM
Erik Homberger Afterlife
Cassandra Hoover The Real Story: What Happened that Night
Alexis Horning Him
Kelly Hossler Reborn
Zelie Hummer Crimson Tears
Zelie Hummer Izabella, Izabella
Joseph Iandolo Cabin in the Woods
Philip Jones Icarus’s Flight,  Never Equal, Old Heat, Ant-hill
Bryce Katch The Nazis’ Child
MaKenna Keener 3rd Times the Charm
Connor Kilgore Phantasm
Katie Kimbark Barriers
Jack Kintigh Coming and Going
Victoria Kissinger Paradoxical
Abbi Knouse 1/3/63
Rhea Kumar Invisible
Joy Landis Eyes
Arianna Larsen Wonderland
Isabelle Lawson Self-Fulfilling prophecy
Grace Leader The Mute Messages
Kacie Lee The Perfects
Seungyeun Lee “What Boyfriend?”
Morgan Lewin The Tsunami
Claire Long Seven
Claire Long One Day
Emily MacNair Broken Memories
Oluwafeyikemi Makinde LaLa
Katie Marchesani Cold Life Cold Death
Katie Marchesani The Second Life
Jannah Martin Anatomy of a Panic Attack: A Sonata; Accompanied by the Orchestra of My Ruined Life
Josh Martin We Left Our Home
Tyler Martin Blank
Ginger Matchett Voices of Oppression, Voices of Hope.
Rachael Maughan January’s Breath, A Teacup in Time
Marion McKenzie 16 Years
Kiernan McNelis Reality Check
Joseph McShea Lightning, Thunder, and Strength
Avery Mcvicker-Bleacher Sara Carter
Madeleine Meldrum “Quiet Pride” and “The Story of My Life”
Gabriela Mercado Corvus
olivia michaud one count to four; in reverse of the raven; Wired face; trichatillomania; Hello
Anna Mills Tick Tock
Laura Morrison Moving Day
Maggie Moss The Things My Grandmother Gave Me
Maggie Moss The Right Light
James Moyer The Northernmost South
Sophie Mumma The Kansas Killer
Celia Murry The Worst Vacation Ever
Hallie Mylin A Greater Purpose
Jordyn Ney The Real Face Of Beauty
Madelyn Nolt Letting Go
Ethan Norman The Evolution of Simplicity
TJ Oldham The Mortician
Zoe Osipenko Creating Gun Restrictions in the United States
Adam Overly The Stag and the Hunter
Alysse Owens Poems
Sabriyya Pate Take Me to Nigeria
Sabriyya Pate Invincible Her
Alexa Potts The Meaning of Hope
Olivia Powell Simple and Plain
Margot Register Autumn Leaves
Hannah Reinhart This Is Why
Grace Ringlein Waffle in a Bowl
Emily Roda The Air is Getting Chilly!
Aidia Rodriguez A Heart of Gold
Noah Runkle The Escape
Hetta Saatman “Basketball, a Dedication Sport”
Christian Schmitt The Shoebox, Sonnet II: Snowfall on an Otherwise Flat Landscape, Sonnet III:  Assuredness
Annaliese Schreder The Runaway
Sinclaire Schuetze Revolt
Bella Schwalm My Smart Disability
Charlotte Scott Exquisite
Ashley Seiger Poem Collection
Connor Sensenig Story of the Hub
Jonathan Shelor The Senerian Forest
Isabella Sickafus The Dark
Benjamin Slenker The Oasis of Vietnam
Julia Stengel The Lactation Station
Alexander Stetser A Family Trip
Grace Stewart Livvy and Grace Take on the Universe
Kylie Stone Like Mona Lisa
Lauren Swope A Spooky Night
Anam Syed The Innate Fear of Losing a Loved One
Ruby Lou Taylor 4 Hooves, 2 Hearts and 1,460 Days with You
Jenny Tsui The Land of Oz in Real Light
Josiah Vieland Bert the Butternut Squash
Nicole Walker The Weight of Skinniness
Patrick Walsh Game Over
Nicole Waltman Death Has a Sense of Humor
Natalie Weaver A Familiar Individual, Rebel’s Letter
Morgan Wenger Stalker
Chloe Wentling A Day at Camp
John Paul West Dead Eyes
Lauren Will Climbing a Rocky Mountain
Sarah Wolfe Ingles
Yujia Xie Time is Short
Julia Zeidler The Hidden Figure
Breann Zimmerman Trend