Scholastic Writing Contest

The Lancaster Public Library is pleased to serve as the local affiliate for the Scholastic Writing Contest. This contest is for students in grades 7-12. For more information, contact Jen Richard at 717-394-2651 x 124 or

Writing Portfolio Winners

Gold Key:
Emily Hess (2 Awards)

Silver Key:
Emily Yanchuck

Honorable Mention:
Sara Martin
Vivian Cao

Gold Key Winners

First Name Last Name Work Category
Austin Aichele Personal Essay/Memoir
Grace Asuncion Personal Essay/Memoir
Emily Aukamp Flash Fiction
Kristin Bechtel Short Story
Emilienne Bolettieri Short Story
Tessa Brandsema Flash Fiction
Tessa Brandsema Poetry
Tessa Brandsema Poetry
Tessa Brandsema Poetry
Tessa Brandsema Poetry
Julia Brenner Poetry
Samantha Brewster Flash Fiction
Linnae Budusky Science Fiction/Fantasy
Alexandra Carpenter Short Story
Katherine Chapman Poetry
Evan Clark Short Story
Tatiana Davis Poetry
David Del Terzo Flash Fiction
Hannah Dinsmore Short Story
Ruth Eckman Humor
Grace Erk Science Fiction/Fantasy
Ashlee Evans Science Fiction/Fantasy
Christopher Eyer Personal Essay/Memoir
Grace Fahrney Poetry
Abigail Francis Poetry
Sofia Gish Personal Essay/Memoir
Dana Greener Dramatic Script
Melissa Grube Poetry
Maya Hammond Poetry
Anna Rose Henderson Persuasive Writing
Hope Hensgen Poetry
Emily Hess Science Fiction/Fantasy
Emily Hess Flash Fiction
Emily Hess Short Story
Emily Hess Humor
Emily Hess Short Story
Emily Hess Personal Essay/Memoir
Emily Hess Personal Essay/Memoir
Emily Hess Poetry
Connor Hunt Science Fiction/Fantasy
Julia Jackson Poetry
Mia Kuniholm Persuasive Writing
Mandi Lehman Science Fiction/Fantasy
Dylan Luong Short Story
Mckenna Maher Poetry
Katie Marchesani Poetry
Alena Marcinkoski Personal Essay/Memoir
Micah Martin Personal Essay/Memoir
Nate Martin Short Story
Sara Martin Personal Essay/Memoir
Rachael Maughan Poetry
Rachael Maughan Personal Essay/Memoir
Rachael Maughan Short Story
Zachary Miklos Flash Fiction
Ryan Moffatt Journalism
Anne Morrison Poetry
Maggie Moss Poetry
Gene Otto Poetry
Karly Potts Flash Fiction
Hannah Quimby Journalism
Annie Rakos Flash Fiction
Maya Rao Personal Essay/Memoir
Annee Reach Short Story
Kirsten Reisinger Personal Essay/Memoir
Alex Ringlein Personal Essay/Memoir
Grace Ringlein Short Story
Rachel Rittler Flash Fiction
Thomas Russoniello Personal Essay/Memoir
Matthew Sahd Personal Essay/Memoir
Jeverly Saintel Poetry
Daniel Sellers Short Story
James Sheetz Personal Essay/Memoir
Jillian Silbert Personal Essay/Memoir
Skylar Sims Personal Essay/Memoir
Harriet Smith Short Story
Emma Spearing Flash Fiction
Alexis Stengel Science Fiction/Fantasy
Rebecca Voler Poetry
Ava Warfel Poetry
Katherine Weaver Poetry
Natalie Weaver Poetry
Brenton Wenger Personal Essay/Memoir
Dakota White Poetry
Dakota White Short Story
Katie White Poetry
Jacklyn Wilson Flash Fiction
Regan Wilton Short Story
Haley Wolfe Short Story
Emily Yanchuck Personal Essay/Memoir
Nathan Yoder Poetry
Jessica Yuan Short Story

Silver Key Winners

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First Name Last Name Work Category
Nichole Anderson Journalism
Noah Bamert Personal Essay/Memoir
Breanna Bechtold Personal Essay/Memoir
Natalie Belousov Poetry
Abbey Bigler Poetry
Abbey Bigler Poetry
Lola Bledsoe Flash Fiction
Sarah Bomberger Short Story
Brooke Bowman Poetry
Tessa Brandsema Poetry
Tessa Brandsema Poetry
Alissa Brossman Flash Fiction
Grace Bruckner Journalism
Julia Cao Poetry
Vivian Cao Science Fiction/Fantasy
Vivian Cao Flash Fiction
Vivian Cao Personal Essay/Memoir
Daniel Carr Short Story
Drew Carson Personal Essay/Memoir
Andres Cedeno Flash Fiction
Elisabeth Chapman Poetry
Katherine Chapman Poetry
Gabrielle Claus Science Fiction/Fantasy
Mckenzie Cossette Short Story
Lara Dailey Flash Fiction
Grace Davis Flash Fiction
Nolan Deck Short Story
Emma Dougherty Journalism
Marleise Emrhein Persuasive Writing
Hailey Fafel Humor
Nicholas Fafel Persuasive Writing
Natalie Fellenbaum Short Story
Ethan Fenlon Short Story
Lydia Fetterman Short Story
Laura Foose Short Story
Nina Galvez Short Story
Baasanjav Ganbaatar Personal Essay/Memoir
Madeline Garber Personal Essay/Memoir
Jill Gardner Short Story
Paige Garpstas Poetry
Caroline Gish Short Story
Katherine Gish Flash Fiction
Renae Gochnauer Personal Essay/Memoir
Sarah Gochnauer Personal Essay/Memoir
Megan Gockley Flash Fiction
Sophia Granbois Poetry
Kaitlyn Graver Short Story
Margarette Gress Flash Fiction
Drew Groft Personal Essay/Memoir
Benjamin Habecker Short Story
Adam Haertter Poetry
Mary Harnish Flash Fiction
Hope Hensgen Poetry
Hope Hensgen Poetry
Joy Herr Personal Essay/Memoir
Sullivan Herritt Short Story
Emily Hess Science Fiction/Fantasy
Emily Hess Science Fiction/Fantasy
Megan Hess Poetry
Harrison Horst Personal Essay/Memoir
Harrison Horst Poetry
James Huber Poetry
Katelyn Jones Poetry
Philip Jones Poetry
Philip Jones Short Story
Emmanuel Kambouroglos Personal Essay/Memoir
Brianna Keener Personal Essay/Memoir
Paul Keller Flash Fiction
Julia Koger Personal Essay/Memoir
Jonathan Kraynak Short Story
Cameron Krulewski Poetry
Ashley Lie-Atjam Poetry
Aimee Little Personal Essay/Memoir
Meredith Longer Short Story
Eden Marco Poetry
Abigail Martin Poetry
Andrea Martin Short Story
Andrew Martin Personal Essay/Memoir
Eric Matt Short Story
Alsatia Mellott Poetry
Blake Miller Short Story
Hope Miller Personal Essay/Memoir
Anna Mills Humor
Madalyn Molignoni Short Story
Maggie Moss Flash Fiction
Maggie Moss Poetry
Maggie Moss Poetry
Eliza Mull Personal Essay/Memoir
Thomas Murphy Personal Essay/Memoir
Carter Newman Short Story
Conor Obrien Personal Essay/Memoir
Julia O’Leary Personal Essay/Memoir
Kristen Orlandi Short Story
Zoe Osipenko Short Story
Gene Otto Personal Essay/Memoir
Sara Palczewski Personal Essay/Memoir
Sabriyya Pate Poetry
Julianne Petrillo Personal Essay/Memoir
Nicholas Powlus Poetry
Bri Reisinger Flash Fiction
Joshua Riley Personal Essay/Memoir
Nate Rosenberg Poetry
Brandon Roth Short Story
Joy Rutt Short Story
Chris Sands Personal Essay/Memoir
Lily Saunders Persuasive Writing
Nicole Saylor Poetry
Brendan Schuetze Personal Essay/Memoir
Charlotte Scott Short Story
Charlotte Scott Poetry
Erica Sensenig Flash Fiction
Benjamin Shaffer Poetry
James Sheetz Poetry
Ian Shirk Science Fiction/Fantasy
Thomas Slotcavage Short Story
Alyssa Stauffer Poetry
Matthew Steck Science Fiction/Fantasy
Matt Stephens Poetry
Olivia Stoltzfus Short Story
Margaret Stoner Flash Fiction
Jacob Suchar Personal Essay/Memoir
Lucy Svetec Personal Essay/Memoir
Lauren Swope Science Fiction/Fantasy
Dana Taylor Science Fiction/Fantasy
Therese Toczek Persuasive Writing
Tanaya Turner Poetry
Chloe Vassot Flash Fiction
Camelie Vazquez Science Fiction/Fantasy
Jamison Vulopas Personal Essay/Memoir
Blake Wall Poetry
Blake Wall Poetry
Blake Wall Poetry
Jenna Walter Poetry
Jenna Walter Poetry
Jenna Walter Flash Fiction
Katherine Weaver Short Story
Katie Wenrich Short Story
Joseph Gunnar Wentling Personal Essay/Memoir
Julianna Whitsel Science Fiction/Fantasy
Ian Willig Science Fiction/Fantasy
Tess Wilson Humor
Paige Witkowski Personal Essay/Memoir
Sophia Wnek Personal Essay/Memoir
Dylan Wolf Short Story
Sydney Yang Flash Fiction
Cooper Younger Science Fiction/Fantasy
Meghan Zimmerman Poetry

Honorable Mention Winners

First Name Last Name Work Category
Mackenzie bechtold Short Story
Hannah Adams Flash Fiction
Samantha Adelman Flash Fiction
Bruke Alemayew Poetry
Danielle Althouse Poetry
Calla Ashley Poetry
Kaitlyn Ashley Short Story
Abbey Bailey Journalism
Ryan Bailey Personal Essay/Memoir
Rebekka Bamert Personal Essay/Memoir
Daniel Barndt Short Story
James Bausano Personal Essay/Memoir
Kristin Bechtel Flash Fiction
Paxton Beck Short Story
Maria Belitsky Personal Essay/Memoir
Maria Belitsky Personal Essay/Memoir
Natalie Belousov Poetry
Natalie Belousov Poetry
BreeAnn Benfer Poetry
Linn Bjanes Poetry
Daniel Bomberger Personal Essay/Memoir
Sarah Bomberger Personal Essay/Memoir
Sarah Bomberger Personal Essay/Memoir
Richard Bowen Science Fiction/Fantasy
Tessa Brandsema Poetry
Tessa Brandsema Poetry
Tessa Brandsema Poetry
Camryn Bryan Personal Essay/Memoir
Christopher Budusky Flash Fiction
Jillian Buterbaugh Personal Essay/Memoir
Christie Cai Flash Fiction
Vanessa Cao Personal Essay/Memoir
Vivian Cao Poetry
Vivian Cao Poetry
Natalie Caracciolo Short Story
Veronica Cazillo Flash Fiction
Katherine Chapman Poetry
Joshua Christ Poetry
Sharon Christner Poetry
Nicholas Cicala Personal Essay/Memoir
Gabrielle Claus Poetry
Melanie Cohen Flash Fiction
Kayln Coleman Personal Essay/Memoir
Annan Cook Poetry
Joseph Cunningham Flash Fiction
Lara Dailey Poetry
Shiloh Dale Dramatic Script
Olivia Daniels Persuasive Writing
Jenna Danielson Poetry
Thomas Davis Poetry
Alyssa Diffenderfer Short Story
Deanna Dombrowski Personal Essay/Memoir
Matt Drumheller Personal Essay/Memoir
Bradley Dum Flash Fiction
Lillian Durbin Short Story
Jackson Eby Personal Essay/Memoir
Megan Ellenberger Personal Essay/Memoir
Grace Erk Poetry
Ivy Espenshade Poetry
Daniel Ferreira Flash Fiction
Bridget Fertal Poetry
Grace Fertenbaugh Personal Essay/Memoir
Lydia Fetterman Persuasive Writing
Daniel Fulmer Flash Fiction
Erin Gamble Humor
Shane Garcia Journalism
Ian Gates Flash Fiction
Austin Glass Personal Essay/Memoir
Alyssa Gonzalez Poetry
Liza Graybill Personal Essay/Memoir
Caleb Greiner Short Story
Taylor Groff Short Story
Benjamin Habecker Poetry
Chris Hackman Dramatic Script
Dylan Harrison Science Fiction/Fantasy
Kevin Helock Short Story
Gabrielle Hemlick Personal Essay/Memoir
Emily Hess Short Story
Emily Hess Science Fiction/Fantasy
Adrianna Hiller Poetry
Gabrielle Hine Short Story
Sierra Hogan Short Story
Erin Holt Poetry
Harrison Horst Science Fiction/Fantasy
Caitlin Hughes Short Story
Kenny Huhn Personal Essay/Memoir
Sarah Irwin Short Story
Lydia Jones Short Story
Andrew Jordan Humor
Sammie Kapushy Poetry
Nicole Katelan Persuasive Writing
Delaney Kegel Personal Essay/Memoir
Jillian Kemmerly Personal Essay/Memoir
Kenedy Kieffer Personal Essay/Memoir
Rose Kirchner Personal Essay/Memoir
Annakatherine Kirk Personal Essay/Memoir
AJ Klein Poetry
Dylan Kostelich Personal Essay/Memoir
Elizabeth Kreider Poetry
Jack Lance Poetry
Samantha Lauriello Flash Fiction
Marah Lauver Personal Essay/Memoir
Emily LeBreton Flash Fiction
Ben Lefever Science Fiction/Fantasy
Mandi Lehman Science Fiction/Fantasy
Jacquelyn Leto Poetry
Joshua Li Poetry
Daniel Little Personal Essay/Memoir
Stephen Loiseau Personal Essay/Memoir
Meredith Longer Poetry
Ally Ludwig Short Story
Tyler Mandrell Short Story
Katie Marchesani Flash Fiction
Katie Marchesani Short Story
Bella Marco Flash Fiction
Amanda Martin Short Story
Cassidy Martin Personal Essay/Memoir
Sophia Mast Personal Essay/Memoir
Sarah McCullough Personal Essay/Memoir
Emily Mcgarry Short Story
Keeghan Mclane Short Story
Ryan Mcmullin Humor
Blake Miller Poetry
Lyndsay Miller Poetry
Anna Mills Personal Essay/Memoir
Lauren Modlin Science Fiction/Fantasy
Lydia Musselman Poetry
Gillian Navin Personal Essay/Memoir
Alexa Neiderer Journalism
Jaleah Nisly Flash Fiction
TJ Oldham Personal Essay/Memoir
Kathryn Palandech Flash Fiction
Kathryn Palandech Persuasive Writing
Andrew Pettis Flash Fiction
Rebecca Pratt Flash Fiction
Mary Reich Flash Fiction
Mary Reich Poetry
Julie Reichert Personal Essay/Memoir
Mark Reth Science Fiction/Fantasy
Lauren Richards Poetry
Haley Rineer Poetry
Elizabeth Ringler Poetry
Brock Rohrer Personal Essay/Memoir
Alyssa Rummel Personal Essay/Memoir
Antonio Russillo Poetry
Thomas Russoniello Personal Essay/Memoir
Chris Sands Personal Essay/Memoir
Samantha Schiller Journalism
Abby Schlageter Poetry
David Schmitt Poetry
Aubrey Schober Personal Essay/Memoir
Abigail Schreder Short Story
Christopher Schreder Personal Essay/Memoir
Helena Schreder Poetry
Sheridan Schreyer Flash Fiction
Mason Scott Science Fiction/Fantasy
Alexa Secrest Short Story
Emily Sensenig Poetry
Jack Shedleski Short Story
Ryan Shirk Science Fiction/Fantasy
Christine Sikking Poetry
Jillian Silbert Poetry
Jillian Silbert Personal Essay/Memoir
Jillian Silbert Personal Essay/Memoir
Kaitlin Sites Short Story
Lindsey Slough Short Story
Abigail Snopek Personal Essay/Memoir
Alyssa Stauffer Poetry
Sarah Sweda Poetry
Amanda Swords Science Fiction/Fantasy
Josephine Szczyrbak Short Story
Alexis Szymanski Short Story
Lindsay Terry Short Story
Abigail THOMAS Personal Essay/Memoir
Seraphina Thorpe Short Story
Annie Vogt Personal Essay/Memoir
Juliet Wall Poetry
Sophie Walters Short Story
Julianna Wanner Personal Essay/Memoir
Marielle Wanner Flash Fiction
Connor Waughtel Poetry
Chelsea Weaver Personal Essay/Memoir
Katherine Weaver Flash Fiction
Natalie Weaver Poetry
Rebecca Webb Short Story
Rebecca Weiser Personal Essay/Memoir
Katie Wenrich Personal Essay/Memoir
Joslin Williams Humor
Lyric Williams Poetry
Samantha Wilson Short Story
Dylan Wolf Poetry
Joshua Wolf Short Story
Aaron Woplert Science Fiction/Fantasy
Emily Yanchuck Personal Essay/Memoir
Jared Yerger Personal Essay/Memoir
Addy Yoder Short Story
Alyse Yoder Personal Essay/Memoir
Noelle Yost Short Story
Jessica Yuan Personal Essay/Memoir
Jessica Yuan Flash Fiction
Allison Zellers Personal Essay/Memoir
Ben Zook Poetry
Grace Zukus Short Story