Public Computers and WiFi

Computer access is free to all Lancaster Public Library library cardholders. Patrons must adhere to the Internet Usage Policy.

All patrons under the age of eighteen years old must bring a parent or legal guardian to the library to sign an Internet Users Agreement before they will be allowed on the Internet.  Patrons eleven years old or younger can access the computers in the Children’s Room.  Children eleven years old or younger can only access the Internet computers on the main floor if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The computers have a package of software programs, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; as well as direct links to the databases offered by the library.

Printing is available at 20¢ per page.  At this time, printing is not available through the wireless connection.

Storage Media: The computers at the library currently support the use of 3 ½ inch floppy discs and USB drives.  The computers can read CDs, but can not write to them.

How to Connect to the WiFi