First Friday

June 6th:  “A Variety of Mediums” by Baldwin’s Dirty Little People Gallery Featuring works by local and national artists.

August 1st:  “Handz-On Exhibit” by artists working with the Handz-On Organization, which seeks to preserve and enrich the culturally diverse visual and performing arts in our community.

September 5th:  “Zentangle” by artists Barb Mavraganis, Judith McCabe and others. Zentangle is a fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

October 3rd:  Narrative photographic celebration of”American Hands Exhibit” by Sally Wiener Grotta Narrative visual celebration of individuals who are keeping alive the traditional trades that built our country’s diverse culture including blacksmiths, weavers’ spinners and glassblowers.

November 7th:  Lancaster Country Day School Exhibit Photography, painting, and sculpture by the Lancaster Country Day School Community.

December 5th: “Steampunk” by MoJo’s Modded Creations Mixed media featuring Steampunk-styled jewelry, clothing, capacitors, and pen and ink drawings.